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Wu Feature History - Ryan (2011)

The following is part of a series of blogs that will look back at all the feature sets from Soles of Silk that have appeared on Wu's Feetlinks and the girls who made them a success. Carmen got the ball rolling in 2006 and every year since, Soles of Silk has had a set featured on Wu's Feetlinks - the most recent of which stars Aspen. In the last entry we looked at a set comic nerds everywhere loved with Mindee. This one was a surprise to everyone... 

Ryan inspecting her tackle box

2011 Feature: Sexiest Catch

Model: Ryan
Shoe Size: 8
Set URL: (2 pages)

This is the set where Ryan made her debut. I was trying to plan something special for the feature set as always and knew I had a newly minted 18 year old friend that wanted to pose for me. I knew people would love her as she is a cutie and her feet are amazing. I sent Wu a couple of pictures asking what he thought about the idea of debuting her in the actual feature set. When he saw the pictures, he was 100 percent in with the idea.

In the weeks leading up to the set I kept getting emails asking who Ryan was since Wu had her on the upcoming features list. The only thing I told people was it's a new model and one they won't want to miss. So many asked for a sneak peek, but I wouldn't budge. I even held off on debuting her on Soles of Silk itself - something I never do. I always insert new models onto the site ASAP, but Ryan was my only exception.

When Wu posted the Sexiest Catch set, I knew within a couple of hours that I had a new starlet on my hands. Ryan was over and over big. People loved the set, especially those into fishing. For two years in a row I managed to combine a popular hobby with the fetish and I think it just made the sets even more popular with those crowds. And then the following week I debuted her on the site. Two weeks of Ryan really had people talking. 

To this day I still get feedback about this set - two years later and counting. I'm sure I'll be getting feedback on it for many more to come.

Ryan putting her bait between her toes

Be sure to check back for a look at the feature set that followed this one, a set where Kayleigh celebrated the end of the school year.

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