Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wu Feature History - Mindee (2010)

The following is part of a series of blogs that will look back at all the feature sets from Soles of Silk that have appeared on Wu's Feetlinks and the girls who made them a success. Carmen got the ball rolling in 2006 and every year since, Soles of Silk has had a set featured on Wu's Feetlinks - the most recent of which stars Aspen. In the last entry we looked at a daring set where Cierra took to teasing. This time things get even more "sketchy..."  

Mindee reading a Power Girl comic.

2010 Feature: Piggies & Power Girl

Model: Mindee
Shoe Size: 8
Set URL: (2 pages)

If there was anyone on my site more deserving of a feature set than Mindee in 2010, I don't know who it would've been. Back when I started Soles of Silk Mindee wasn't too keen on posing - claiming her feet were ugly. After convincing her that I needed more girls to pose, she finally agreed. She was one of eight girls to be featured on the site when it debuted.

Although Mindee is one of the original models, it wasn't until a few years in that she really began coming into her own. She started posing more frequently and people began to really take notice. She had her fans from the start, but I could see with each and every set, more and more fans began popping up. And when the Piggies & Power Girl set went live, her fan base exploded! My inbox was flooded and there were comments galore on Wu's Feetlinks Forum.

I couldn't have asked for a better response for one of the sweetest friends I have. Mindee deserved every great comment people made. And I think it further inspired her to be even more active with posing for the site. Since this feature set, Mindee hasn't gone long without shooting new sets for me and she's actually poised to have the most photos on the site by the end of the year - unless Cierra makes a comeback. Mindee's size 8s have become synonymous with Soles of Silk, and this feature, for many, was one of her defining moments.

Mindee flexes her toes as Power Girl flexes her muscles.

Be sure to check back for a look at the feature set that followed this one, a set where for the first time, a model debuted to the foot fetish world in a feature set. That model was Ryan.

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