Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wu Feature History - Kimmie & Kellie (2007)

The following is part of a series of blogs that will look back at all the feature sets from Soles of Silk that have appeared on Wu's Feetlinks and the girls who made them a success. Carmen got the ball rolling in 2006 and every year since, Soles of Silk has had a set featured on Wu's Feetlinks - the most recent of which stars Aspen. In the last entry we looked at Carmen's first ever feature. Here we see what happens when identical twin sisters take the stage...

Identical soles, identical toes.

2007 Feature: Football Fun

Models: Kimmie & Kellie (twins)
Shoe Sizes: 5

For the site's second feature set I had a perfect idea. How about two girls? And not just two girls, identical twins. Kimmie and Kellie debuted on Soles of Silk about a year before this set's post date. Needless to say, these two were massive hits from the very first set to this day. 

It was Wu who gave me the football theme for the set. Each year around the Super Bowl he goes with a football themed set, so in 2007 it was mine to tackle - pun intended.

With it too cold to go outside I ended up buying the girls two cute costumes online - one being a football player and the other, a cheerleader. My friend was nice enough to let me use his basement for the set as he had some sport memorabilia including two original seats from the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore (home of the Orioles, Colts, CFL Stallions, and Ravens). The girls made good use of those.

Whenever I have had both twins in front of the camera at the same time, their playful nature always takes over. This time was no exception. It's always cute to see girls grabbing at each other's feet in pictures, but to see twins doing it was a major score - again, pun intended. 

This set was a great follow up to Carmen's feature set and marked the last time Wu asked me for any specific theme - instead, telling me he likes my creativity and likes to see what I can come up with.

Kimmie eyes up her sister's black painted toes.

Be sure to check back for a look at the feature set that followed this one, a set that featured the site's most photographed model at the time, Madison, and her narrow size 8 1/2 feet. Madison's set was money - one last time, pun intended.

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