Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2K Club - Cierra's Milestone of Reaching 2,000

Cierra is the first ever member of the 2K Club on Soles of Silk.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

With this week's update something very special happened. Cierra, who has been posing for me from the time I began work on this site in 2004, reached the 2,000 photo mark with her Brick Buildings set. It was early in January of 2011 that she passed Madison as the site's most photographed model. And here we are, the last week of 2011 and Cierra has set this milestone too.

When I interviewed Cierra in her introductory interview in 2005, she had this to say, "I know my feet are cute and I've never done this before, but I figured it's worth a try." 

Well, that try sure turned into MANY productive photo shoots and video clips. Without getting into a list of all 32 galleries she has on the site thus far, I'd like to take a look at some of my favorite Cierra shoots.

Cierra's very popular, very teasing, Wu's Feet Links feature set.

Wu's Feet Links Feature Model Set - 2009
From the moment Wu first approached me about doing the site's first feature model set with Carmen on the Blue Jeans & Toes, I've always had some great response from viewers and fans. In 2009 Wu decided on Cierra to represent Soles of Silk in a feature set for the year. I came up with the idea to do the site's first ever Size & Foot Teasing set, which was so popular, I've since done several follow ups to it with other models since.

I had an unforgettable night with Cierra at the Ocean back in 2010.

1 Night at the Ocean: 5 Sets and a Foot Rub
In January 2010 Cierra and I spent the night at a hotel in Ocean City, Md. The main goal was to shoot the Valentine's Day set as the hotel room had a heart shaped hot tub inside. Five total sets and one sweaty foot rub stuck in the middle and I had one of the most productive and fun days of shooting since I began the site. For a complete look at that amazing day, you can see this column, "Timeline: An All Day Shoot with Cierra," from January 2010.

Cierra always wants to step in stuff and squish it.

Food Shoots
Cierra is not only well known for her sweaty feet, but she has this thing for wanting to ALWAYS step her feet in some kind of food. Over the years she's done the following: Cadbury Egg, Blueberry Pie, Watermelon, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Doughnuts w/ Jessie, Trix Cereal, and Blueberry Pancakes.

Cierra had this smirk because she knew her feet were soaked from being in those boots.

Some Super Sweaty Uggs
One of the first real times I noticed how much Cierra's feet sweat was the day I went to her apartment and decided to shoot her wearing a pair of Ugg Boots. At the time I really hated those boots, but they've since grown on me, especially since I got to experience a few of the girl's feet on the site after coming out of them. If you like warm, sweaty feet, then you have to have some kind of appreciation for them. But on the day Cierra did this shoot, I had never felt her feet as warm and moist as they were that day. It really made me take notice of it and boy was she ever embarrassed. She has since embraced it. Don't believe me? She had this to say about her feet and how much they sweat, "It's like a body function I just don't have control of. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand, but I've come to love it."

Cierra has a thing for Converse shoes and has a bunch of different pairs.

Converse, Cereal, & Workouts
When Cierra and I get together for shoots, she tends to do several sets at once. One of those times we got together at a college and shot on some Workout Stations around a walking trail. That shoot turned out great, but when we made way back to her apartment and shot her Converse and Trix Cereal sets, I got two of my most favorite sets that I've ever shot. Yes, two sets, same model, shot back to back at one shoot. Cierra and I must have just been in a grove, but her expressions, the photo quality, the colors... they all just popped.

On the horizon I really hope to see Cierra's photo totals keep climbing and climbing. She deserves all the praise you all give her and she really is a great girl. I am glad to have her and appreciate every thing she's ever done for me with this site. Here's to another 2,000 photos!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comic Nerd Foot Fantasy Shoots

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

By now you are probably aware that I am a huge comic book fan. When Mindee did her Power Girl & Piggies feature set on Wu's Feet Links and then Jamie did one with Batgirl (Sample 01 / Sample 02), I knew I had the start of an ongoing series on my hands. Eventually Carlin would go on to do a Catwoman themed shoot (Sample 01 / Sample 02), but that has been all that I have published to this point, although there have been, and currently are plans to do more. Lela Beryl even did a set with comic book cards that will be going online soon.

Doing sets done with the sole mates with a comic book theme is one thing, but what if the heroines themselves were real? And what if I could have them in front of my camera for Soles of Silk? Yes, I'm going that nerdy in this blog. I know the girls aren't real, BUT what if they were? What if I could have a handful of the world's super heroines (or super villains) as sole mates? Who would they be? There are a lot of female comic characters out there these so I'm going to limit my picks to a Top 10 Listing starting with...

10 - Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)
More of a recent favorite, Ms. Marvel has that brash attitude that I love having on the site. She has that air of confidence about her that would make for some good teasing for sure.

9 - She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
People are ALWAYS saying we should "go green." Well, I sure never got to play with a pair of green feet, much less take photographs of them - although Charlee's feet did turn green in her very first shoot thanks to popsicles. Anyhow, the She-Hulk comic are so tongue in cheek fun, I can only imagine if she were real, a shoot with this green gal would be quite fun.

8 - Lady Death (Boundless/Avatar Comics)
Lady Death has always oozed sexiness when it comes to her character. With only perhaps Vampirella giving her a run for the money with sexuality, Lady Death would sure bring a little bit of fetish flavor to the site without even taking off a boot or thigh high stocking from her long white legs.

7 - Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
I've been in love with this crazy cat since she debuted on the Batman: Animated Series back when I was in school. I think her antics are awesome and even though she's a bad girl, I think she's got enough good in her to make a foot fetish photo shoot something to remember. And hey, if Mr. J (Joker) has a foot fetish, she'd surely want to do it. Cierra and I have plans to do a Harley Quinn themed set that I'm very much looking forward to.

6 - Mystique (Marvel Comics)
While Mystique isn't my favorite female comic character, I was going to include her in this list at the #1 spot as a gag. Being able to copy anyone she comes in contact with, I could have her be every one of these girls and then some. One girl could do an entire site of hundreds of different heroines and villains. As for the shoots though, I'd know it wasn't the real deal before me, so I decided not to have her in that #1 spot.

5 - Storm (Marvel Comics)
I had to include this dark skinned and light haired beauty on the list. There are not enough black females characters in comics, but Storm sure takes the cake as the most well known. And if worst came to worst, she could make every day a great day to go out and take some photos. Charlee has expressed doing a shoot based off this popular leader of the X-Men.

4 - Psylocke (Marvel Comics)
I have a soft spot for Asians, but much like black women, there isn't a ton of Asian girls in comics (not including Anime and Manga here). Psylocke has always been one of my favorites. Aliza was even supposed to do a shoot with a Psylocke theme to it, but isn't currently shooting. Would be nice to have some martial art feet on the site.

3 - Supergirl (DC Comics)
I know she's supposed to be 17, but when you're 17 for decades in outer space and then a teenager for countless more years in comics, you're not 17 anymore. Anyhow, Supergirl has that youth factor that would sure make for a nice addition with all my other barely legal models who pose for me. Kayleigh was slated to do a Supergirl themed set at one point, but we just never got around to doing it.

2 - Power Girl (DC Comics)
Supergirl from another dimension, Power Girl is the reason I got back into reading comics. It was hard not to put her at the #1 spot for that reason alone. It is the reason why I used her as the set for Mindee's Power Girl & Piggies feature set on Wu's Feet Links though. So having this big breasted, fun loving hero on the site would rock.

1 - Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
As far as female comic characters go, Wonder Woman is the Babe Ruth, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Michael Jordan, etc. equivalent. You couldn't ask for a bigger female comic character, if she were real, to pose on this site. Plus, I'd love to have a set of big smelly Amazon feet coming fresh out of her trademark red boots in a set. Originally Marcy was supposed to do a Wonder Woman themed set that fell through numerous times. Since then I have asked Aspen to do one, which might actually turn into two sets, but scheduling has been an issue.

Honorable Mentions
Aspen Matthews (Aspen Comics), Batgirl (DC Comics), Grace (Aspen Comics), Poison Ivy (DC Comics), Catwoman (DC Comics), Black Cat (Marvel Comics, X-23 (Marvel Comics), and Zatanna (DC Comics).

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Notes - 2011

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Wow, it's November already - only a few days away from Thanksgiving. It feels like this year didn't start that long ago. Not sure if it is a sign of me getting older or what, but the time just seems to fly by.

With a little over a month left here in 2011 I'm still working on some key items for the site that might be of some interest to you. Well, when I have some free time. Been a little wrapped up over the last few weeks between work and becoming a first time uncle. But back to the matter at hand, below is a breakdown of some of those items - some new, some updated:

2011 Year In Review Contest
Every January I post a year in review contest for the site. In it I ask Soles of Silk based trivia questions about things that happened on the site for that particular year. In years past the turn out has been one of the best for any of the contests I run off and on. I've already been working on some questions, but have quite a few left to flesh it out. Be on the lookout for more information on that soon.

Twitter Page Back Up & Running

About two weeks ago in the middle of tweeting on the Soles of Silk Twitter Page (@SolesofSilk) I was locked out of the page and my account suspended. I went to the help center and it said I would have gotten an email notification explaining why the account was suspended. Well, I never did so I put in a service ticket. A week went by and no response. I placed another ticket asking the same information. Another week goes by and still nothing. I was about to open a new one, but wanted to keep the original since I was able to get the site's name. 

So yesterday I place the third ticket and I'm bitching. I want to know why there had been zero communication and tonight I finally got an answer. Apparently I was accidentally suspended when they blocked out a bunch of accounts that were spamming. They apologized and the site's Twitter page is now open once again.

You won't wanna miss when that pudding splatters on Mindee's perfect feet.

More Photos w/ Mindee
Only two days ago I was able to meet up with Mindee yet again for some more photos. Up until a few weeks ago it had been close to 10 months since Mindee had posed. Now she's done a few sets within one month. That's never a bad thing, especially since she was able to finally do a theme many of her fans have requested - a food/feet set.

Shooting Kellie
Kellie is another one who has been hard to get to shoot with. Today I was supposed to meet up with her for some photos, but she mentioned she'd be limited for time. She was still game, but I asked her to push it back a week so we can maybe get in a extra set or two instead of having to rush it. It's been way too long since I've had those dainty feet in front of my camera.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Up & Down October

Ryan wore these shoes, without socks, all day long at school before shooting. Oh so nice!

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

October. What a month it has been as far as the site is concerned. Some of it good, some of it, not so much. As the saying goes, which do you want first? The good news, or the bad news? Oh wait, you can't answer. I guess the good news comes first.

Good News Items

Alienware Aurora ALX - The computer I had been running was a custom built, bare bones system that I had built roughly six years ago. I got it to be close to top of the line then, so it wasn't until recently that I determined it was time to start looking for something else. Well, last week marked the first update with the Alienware Aurora ALX system that I had built and man is this thing FAST! I won't go into all of its specs, but I'm loving this thing.

Shoot: Ryan - I recently did a shoot with the ever so popular Ryan. I posted two preview photos over on Wu's Picture Forum and people have been loving her shots. You'll be seeing that set before long over here, but you if love Ryan and haven't seen them, you're missing out. And if you're not a member of the Wu's Feet Links Forum, what are you waiting for?

Shoot: Lady Steph - Lady Steph and I always seem to take forever to get together to do shoots. Well, we finally got together and did three new sets. We did a bit of a rush job, so the sets aren't the biggest ones I ever shot, but hey, it's Lady Steph, so you know they're quality. She always brings it with the pedicures and I made sure to massage those curvy feet for a bit that day.

Soles of Silk on Twitter - Yes, I finally brought back a social media tool for the site. I used to have the old Soles of Silk MySpace page, but closed it due to a few people bothering my friends/models, and getting quite nasty when ignored. I never bothered with Facebook for this site because they're so strict on content that is considered "sexual." But now, I made a Twitter page for the site (@SolesofSilk) page for the site and I've even been posting early previews over there. Would love to have all of you following. As for the models this time around, I am NOT adding any personal friends who do not have a designated model account page. Not going down that path again.

Shoot: Olivia - Who is Olivia, you ask? Well, I guess you weren't paying attention to the coming soon spot on the Home page. Olivia is yet another freshly minted 18 year old coworker friend of mine who agreed to pose. She's a doll and her slender size 7.5's won't disappoint. They sure are soft too. I love giving foot rubs.

Mileena's set replaced Shae's this week for the site's update.

Bad News Items
Removal: Shae - Yes, it is true. If you were looking on the model page and noticed, Shae is not on the site right now. Or if you noticed that Mileena's Water Pump set replaced Shae's set for this week's update. Here is why. Shae told me she has a job she's trying for that has a strict background check. At this point, I don't know if she will allow me to repost them after she either gets or is denied for the job. I am hoping she will. That would be two models of Asian background that I've taken down this year - the other being Aliza.

Okay, so there was a lot more good this month, but I don't like taking down a model from the site. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for her to allow them to be reposted. Otherwise, the cash she'll give back for pulling her stuff down looks like it might be going to one of Olivia's friends. The day Olivia was to shoot with me for the first time she told a friend what she was doing and showed her the site. Recruiting for me already, I love it. I better give that girl another foot rub soon, huh?

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soles of Silk Facts - 2011

Cierra is Soles of Silk's most photographed model.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

When I used to do some writing for a local newspaper I used to be in charge of the arts/entertainment section. I ran a regular column there also and sometimes it was just hard to come up with a theme, subject, or topic of interest that I thought people would enjoy reading. To be quite honest, sometimes I just talked about what everyone else was - like an awards show or celebrity mishap. Other times I ended up doing a repeat column similar to something I had done in the past. The same holds true here.

A couple of days ago I remembered a column I wrote a few years ago where I listed some fun, totally meaningless facts about Soles of Silk and its models. And to be totally honest, that might have been the second time I had run such a column. Well, now it is time to do it yet again. This time I decided to be a little different though and add in the contribution models too.

Sometimes these pointless themes are actually the most fun to read. So without any more hesitation, here are some facts that you just HAVE to know:

Model Facts
Number of Models: 63 (64 if Aliza, who was removed, is counted)

Most Photos: 1st - Cierra (1,960) 2nd - Madison (1,832) 3rdLayla (1,681) 4th - Kellie (1,332)

Most Galleries: 1st - Cierra (31) 2nd - Madison (28) 3rd -Layla (27) 4th - Kellie (22)

Most Video Clips: 1st - Cierra (3) 2nd - Layla (29) 3rd - Kellie (25) 4th - [tie] Jordana (18), Kimmie (18), Madison (18)

Newest Model: Mileena

Biggest Feet: 1st - Molly (11) 2nd - Shae (10) 3rd - [tie] Katie (9), Jessie (9), Delicious (9), Amber (9) 4th - [tie] Autumn (8.5), Briezzy Lane (8.5), Chloe (8.5), Colleen (8.5), Debbie D. (8.5), Lauryn (8.5), Madison (8.5)

Smallest Feet: 1st - Cierra (4) 2nd - [tie] A'Kasjia (4.5), Cheri (4.5) 3rd - [tie] Jacklyn Lick (5), Kellie (5), Kimmie (5) 4th - [tie] Carmen (5.5), Kayleigh (5.5), Mariah (5.5), Tiff (5.5)

Average Shoe Size: 7.5

Contributor Facts
Most Photos: 1st - Brittany Sweetstink (233) 2nd - Bellecita (117) 3rd - Nikki (107) 4th - Steph (97)

Most Galleries: 1st - Britney Sweetstink (6) 2nd - Nikki (4) 3rd - [tie] Bellecita (3), Mommie Dearest (3), Steph (3) 4th - [tie] Lyn (2), Maxine (2), Sultry Sasha (2), Tina Marie (2)

Newest Contributor: Mercy

Biggest Feet: 1st - Holly (11) 2nd - [tie] Candy (10), Louise (10) 3rd - Kara (9.5) 4th - [tie] Ginger (9), Lyn (9)

Smallest Feet: 1st - Genie (2.5) 2nd - Janet Mason (4.5) 3rd - [tie] Dominque (5), Jenny (5) 4th - [tie] Little Dee (5.5), Twisted Toes (5.5)

Average Shoe Size: 7

Contributors Models Who Posed for Soles of Silk: Layla, Lexi, and Janet Mason, who posed for me prior to Soles of Silk's creation

* above numbers are based off of what appears on Soles of Silk as of August 31, 2011

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Abby - Where it All Began

It's been way too long since I saw these amazing wrinkles.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This week was a reminder of my early days in my foot photography career. As many of you know, the first ever girl to pose for foot themed photos on a regular basis was my ex-girlfriend, Abby.

On Monday I finally was able to get Abby back in front of the camera. It has been over two years since Abby has posed for the site. She's been quite busy and we just never seemed to match up. Well, we finally made a promise to get together and get some photos in and boy did we ever have some great results.

The first set, which the photo above is from, ended up being over the 100 photo mark. Generally I don't do that many photos unless for a holiday or special occasion set. Sometimes, however, a set is just going so well that I want to keep going and take more and more shots. That happened recently with Ryan's first set at the Duck Pond. But it happened again with the very first set Abby did Monday. I loved the setting, the poses, the colors, and of course, Abby's trademark wrinkled soles never looked so good.

Once we finished up the first set it was onto the second (below). We didn't push this one to the 100 photo mark, but the set was also going just as good. We were in a groove and it seemed like no photo or pose could go wrong. I even told Abby that I thought that the two sets were some of her best work just from what I saw on the camera's view screen. When we were driving back home, she was looking through the shots on the camera and also agreed.

I won't tease you too long with posting one of these fine sets of Abby. I actually contemplated putting up teaser shots for next week right away, but went with shots from one of Cierra's newest sets instead. It's been two years, one more week won't kill you. Plus, I like to let you members know some of the good stuff before the rest of the foot loving community.

Less wrinkles, same soft soles of Abby!
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Up to My Nose in Feet

It was so nice to have both Charlee's (left) & Jamie's feet planted to my nose.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Cute title, huh? Yeah, I thought it was perfect especially with these two great photos taken by none other than Charlee (top) and Jamie (bottom), which features both of their feet on my nose. It was taken just before we started shooting their first ever sets together on Monday.

The two are good friends and I told them I wanted to get them to pose with each other before summer was over. They both took a day off work and we made the plans. We ended up getting in two sets with both of them together, and then after a short thunderstorm, a set with each of them solo. All in all, it was a very productive day with some great photos.

Toward the end of the day, when I was shooting Charlee, Jamie came up behind me and expressed a desire to take a couple of photos of Charlee. I handed her the camera and let her take some shots. I said I'd display them in a column on the site. Then added that when Jamie posted afterward, Charlee could then take some photos of her too. Those are the photos you see up above. Too cute, huh?

And then there was the night cap. For several hours I switched back and forth between rubbing Jamie's and then Charlee's feet. I got in some real solid one-on-one time with each of their feet. And then there was the stuff dreams are made of. I got to rub both of their feet at the same time. I did this several times throughout the duration as well. The girls even managed to grab a photo or two on their cellphones (not posted). It was fun times! This all lasted for a couple of hours.

Switching subjects, and models, leads me to Wednesday. I have talked to Ryan about getting together for another set. She told me she is open tomorrow before we head into work. If the weather is good, she should be back in front of the camera again. Not sure of a theme/location yet, but I'll figure something out. Looking forward to her posing yet again.

And then there is the model who started this whole thing years ago - Abby. It has been forever, but Abby has agreed to pose next week. If everything happens as planned, I should have a few new sets of her to post real soon. I'm sure I'll post one of them ASAP since it's been so long since she's last showed off those baby soft, wrinkled feet here on Soles of Silk. WAY too long!

I've also had talks with a few other models about planning some shoots with no concrete plans yet set. Those models include: JessieMindee, Shae, Mileena, Carlin, Kelsey, Layla, Lady Steph, Taylor, and Nikki.

Over the past few weeks, I did manage to get in some new sets with several models as well. That list includes: Jordana, CierraKayleigh, and of course, Jamie and Charlee.

And finally, several of the girls have mentioned that they have friends interested in posing for the site too. Be on the lookout for some new feet to possibly be showing up soon.

Two feet of two different girls (Charlee & Jamie). Talk about bliss!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1K Club - Jordana's Footography

Jordana and her wrinkled soles have now posed for more than 1,000 photos on the site.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Last week something happened on the site that has only happened to seven other models; going over the 1,000 photo mark. The model who did it is none other than Jordana. Now that she's joined the club, there are eight models on Soles of Silk over that mark, with Kelsey knocking at the door with 907 photos. The list so far is as follows:

Given that list, I can say I'd expect Jordana to move up much higher before the year's end. Jordana has been posing for me on a regular basis over the last year or so. Even though she lives in another state, we try to meet up whenever we can. Sometimes it is only for a couple of sets - as was the case a couple of weeks ago when we took the photos you see at the top and bottom of this column.

Jordana first posed for me back in 2006. At first we only shot here and there. Lately she and I have been seeing more of each other with the results always amazing. Here is a look back at all the sets she has posed for thus far:

Out of all the sets she's done, it is hard to pick a favorite. I have photos I love out of many of those sets. Her Tiny Penis Shirt set was so fun to shoot, but so was seeing her and Briezzy Lane rub half a bottle's worth of lotion between their feet. Her two new sets (featured about and below) are so sexy that I really am in love with those right now. So it is really hard to pick a favorite.

Speaking of lotion, Jordana's feet sure are soft. She is sweet enough to allow me to give her nice long foot rubs during her shoots. I've spent hour after hour pampering her feet, to which I am very grateful.

Still on the topic of lotion and foot rubs, the last time Jordana posed for me, she had to be up early the next morning. I promised to give her a nice relaxing foot rub to cap off the night. While rubbing those super soft soles of hers, she asked me to squirt some lotion on them. I did as I was told and she told me she loves the feel of lotion on her feet during a foot massage. A few minutes later she told me I could put more on lotion, if I wanted. Once again, I did as I was told. Her feet were really moist at this point. I kept rubbing and rubbing and then after probably about 15-20 minutes, I jokingly asked her if she wanted more lotion on them. She laughed and said, "Sure, why not?"

I squirted about four pumps worth of lotion into my hands and slapped all of it on the bottoms of her feet and in between her toes. She laughed and I said, "Probably won't need anymore for a bit."

She said, "It feels real good though."

Needless to say, Jordana's feet were slippery/gooey for the rest of the night. I kept rubbing and rubbing and rubbing on those dainty feet of hers until she fell asleep. Okay, I rubbed them after that for a bit too. I saw myself out afterward, leaving her a note thanking her for letting me rub her feet.

Sorry about that tangent there, but it was just too fun of a recent story not to share. I'm hoping to catch up with her again this summer/fall as those feet are just too adorable to go without seeing on a regular basis. She has me hooked and according to the feedback I get from many of you, many of you are hooked as well. Be on the lookout for more Jordana in the months to come.

I've watched Jordana take her shoes off quite a few times now.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On Vacation, Hence the Early Update

Ryan has gotten so much amazing feedback on her debut feature set.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

This week's update is coming a day earlier than normal as I headed out of town for the week for a much needed vacation. That being said, I thought I'd take a few minutes and go over a few tidbits of interest before my butt boards a plane.

Ryan's Debut Sets
I am overly pleased with the feedback I got from Ryan's feature set over at Wu's Feet Links last week. I think we went with the right title for it too playing on Deadliest Catch with Sexiest Catch. The forums lit up with lots of positive comments as did my inbox. Ryan was so excited to see everything you all had to say.

This week I am leaving you with even more Ryan as she is making her onsite debut. Between the 83 photo Sexiest Catch feature and this week's Duck Pond set of 96 photos, Ryan sure made quite the immediate impact.

Shae's Return/Debut
Not to be outdone, I also debuted Shae on Soles of Silk with a Fourth of July themed set at Fort McHenry. Shae, the half-Korean/half-White model with size 10 feet, was also a major hit on the forums. I fully expected her to be, but was curious to see if debuting her at the same time as Ryan would make them share the spotlight too much. It wasn't the case at all as both of their forum threads saw a good amount of comments.

Kellie sent me this photo of her toes in the sand while she was on vacation.

Kellie's Beach Feet
A couple of days ago Kellie sent me a picture of her feet planted in the hot sands while on a little vacation. This is the photo above. She asked me if I was going to put it on the site and I said I would. I thought this column made perfect sense with this vacation only hours away. And yes, I told her people miss her and she apologized for being so busy. We really have to get together again soon.

Upcoming Shoots
I've been talking to quite a few of the girls about getting together for some new photos. A number of them haven't posed in a bit and are in need to getting in front of my camera. Might even have some posing that you haven't seen in a REALLY long time.

With the recent additions of Ryan and Shae, there are still some new models on the horizon. Some are girls I know who have wanted to pose and just haven't and others are girls who are friends of the models here. I have them talking to them and trying to get them to kick their shoes off and show off the goods here.

Well, I don't have too much time to get this update finished here as my last minute ass still has some packing to do. I can't wait to read all the feedback of the newest update when I get back and wish everyone the best.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ryan's Big Feature Debut

Welcome Ryan, Soles of Silk's newest model and Wu's Feet Links feature.

The blog below was originally published in Soles of Silk's Column section. It was archived and then republished here in 2016.

Okay, I'm excited... Really, really excited. Usually when I shoot a new model I rush to get her added to the site. What I have always done is jumped new models ahead of all other shot content so that they may debut as soon as possible. But there was an exception made recently. And this exception's name is Ryan.

At the end of 2010 I was talking to Wu of Wu's Feet Links. For the past several years I have been lucky enough to have a model featured in his site's Feature Model section. Wu has always picked the models, but this year I asked him if I could go with one of my site's newer girls. All the models who appeared in the feature sets in years past are some of the most established models on the site. That list includes: Mindee, Cierra, Madison, Kimmie, Kellie, and Carmen. Wu agreed to my request and then is was time to determine just who we should go with.

My immediate idea was to ask the site's then newest model, Aliza, to be that girl. I thought having an Asian model would also be a nice touch as well. Needless to say, however, that plan fell through with Aliza's removal from the site. I hadn't even mentioned it to her yet, so it was back to the drawing board.

The girl who ended up being named for this year's feature set, and whose name actually appeared on his upcoming list, was Ginger. Wu thought she would make for a great feature model, as did I. She fit the plan as Ginger made her debut in 2010 as well.

Long story short, for months on end Ginger was impossible to get in touch with to discuss the shoot. She had agreed to do it, but I began fearing that she would be too busy and I'd be left scrambling for a last minute replacement. I gave her one last phone call and then went back to that same old drawing board.

Next up was Marcy. She was yet another model who made a debut in 2010. And if I remember correctly, Marcy and Ginger made back-to-back debuts. I also thought it would be neat for Marcy to follow up her cousin, Mindee, who was the 2010 feature model. Anyhow, Marcy agreed to take Ginger's place and I was finally starting to feel good about this year's feature set. And then it came crashing down AGAIN!

Marcy could not keep plans for a shoot minutes before we were set to meet. This wasn't the first time this had happened, so it irritated me quite a bit. I told her to never mind and really began pulling my hair out over what to do with this set.

I still had four models that debuted in 2010 if I was going to stick with this new model idea. Carlin, Jamie, Katie, and Nikki all also made their debuts last year, but then I had a moment of brilliance. As much as I like these four girls, I had a plan. A plan that I would surely have to run by Wu first, but one I just had to try.

Moments later I found myself at the keyboard typing Wu an email. In it I told him that I had been experiencing all kinds of set backs with this feature set. Even so, I still really wanted the site to be represented by one of my newer models - one so new, in fact, that she hadn't even posed for me yet. Why, you ask? Well, because at the time, she wasn't old enough.

Enter Ryan. Ryan and I have worked together for a couple of years. Knowing I dabbed in photography and having an interest in modeling, Ryan has always expressed a desire for me to take some artistic photos with her. My site was no secret to her either as she knows many of the girls who also model for me. I told her I would try and help her any way I could, but preferred to wait until she was 18 (not for the site stuff, just in general). Well, a couple of months before her May birthday, Ryan told me that she really wants to pose for this site too. She told me she has a friend who likes her feet and doesn't think it is weird. I told her that she could most certainly pose, but she HAD to wait to be 18 for that. She understood and I counted down the days.

Back to the email to Wu. I went online and stole a few of Ryan's Facebook photos. You all know the kind - girl in mirror holding a camera. Yeah, well, Ryan make them look like art. I attached a couple of them and told Wu that she had about a week or so left before turning legal. When Wu replied, he told me I had a total green light and that I sure know how to pick them. Funny thing is, this one picked me first (not that I wouldn't had she not).

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Ryan's birthday comes and goes. We set a date about a week after her birthday and wouldn't you know it, the weather looks lousy at best. We exchanged some text messages and pushed the date back to the weekend. Over the next few days, the weather cleared up and things were looking great... until the morning of our rescheduled shoot.

This set will be used for Ryan's debut on Soles of Silk itself.

Rain was in the forecast, but both Ryan and I really wanted to get some camera time. Ryan ran out and got a really cute pinkish-orange pedicure and we made haste to a spot that I had always wanted to shoot - a small pond over by a popular shopping center that features a water fountain and dozens of ducks and geese. This set was never intended to be her feature set, but when I began looking through the results, I was about to say, "why not?" We did over 100 photos in the set. She was amazing in all of her photos. I just didn't want to stop. It was only once the camera read, "card full," did we stop.

After the set I treated Ryan to lunch and we made plans to meet the following weekend for more photos. This time we were going to try to get in our feature set idea. And then it happened. We were throwing out ideas for other future shoots and we came up with an idea we liked even better than our original plan for the feature set, which was a BMX bike set on dirt trails.

Our new idea was a fishing set. So many people love to go fishing and since I secured the month of June (my birth month) for the feature, I thought it was perfect to bring in summer. I didn't recall that theme being used in any of Wu's features, nor had I used it before on Soles of Silk. Ryan liked it and said she had some equipment. She enjoys fishing, as well as bikes from the original idea (which we still plan on doing one day).

A week pasted and when I woke up the first thing I did was look out the window. Sunny! I was feeling good. Then Ryan texts me that it's scorching hot outside. We still met up and did our shoot, but man was it a sweaty set. Ryan was once again amazing and we decided to do another set. With it being so hot, I suggested that she do something with a garden hose so she could keep cool. She liked the idea and we were off doing her third set within a week's time.

Later that night, after also doing two sets that same day with Charlee, I was sitting at my computer admiring Ryan's pictures. I honestly loved all three sets and was wondering which one should actually be the feature. After some back and forth debating within my head, I decided to keep with the fishing idea. And I am sure you will agree with me that Ryan sure was one hell of a catch!

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