Sunday, March 8, 2015

People Reposting Soles of Silk Content

One of the three images of Aspen reposted.

So last night I got an email from a fellow photographer. This photographer is not someone that I know or have talked to previously. Regardless, this photographer was nice enough to pass along an email to me telling me about someone who has reposted some of Soles of Silk's images. Apparently this photographer had some of his own work reposted without consent as well. He provided me three links to different Soles of Silk photos - all three featuring Aspen.

When I checked out the links all three images were ones I put out on the internet as free samples, contributions, or as part of Aspen's Wu's Feet Links feature model set, "All American Feet," that contained 153 free photos. 

I mentioned all those thing to the photographer and asked him how this person was displaying our photos. I also asked if he had a link to the page where they were displayed. He only provided me direct image links, so I couldn't tell if the person was stating that they took or own the photos, or if they're ones from the internet that he really liked.

The reply I got back was sort of rude. It said that they're not going to bother telling me about issues anymore because I don't care. He gave me no link to the site, like I had asked for and made no mention of how the images were being portrayed. Umm, okay?

So here is the thing. I know there is no way in hell I could stop everyone from reposting Soles of Silk content elsewhere on the internet. I also know that is a few photos being shared in various places on the web can also be a good form of advertising. Some photographers and site owners do not realize that, but I do. There are limits, however. I'm not that oblivious to the plight of other content owners.

When it comes to the content from Soles of Silk, I just ask you to keep some things in mind:

  • I post a number of free images on the web. You can find two sample photos from each model's latest gallery on Soles of Silk itself. A third, weekly rotating photo is also on the site as the Photo of the Week. Once a new set is published to the site I also share those same photos on the Soles of Silk Forum, the Wu's Feet Links Foot Fetish Forum, the Soles of Silk Blog, and on the site's Twitter account (@SolesofSilk). Generally I also contribute eight photos to Wu's Feet Links for the Contributions section as well. If you like my models and photos enough to want to share them, please try and keep the images from those sources.
  • I add a watermark somewhere by each and every model on my images. The watermarks used to be placed in the corners of the images - out of the way. Due to some people removing them, however, I began placing them closer to the models a number of years ago. The moral is, don't remove the watermark. What's the purpose unless you just want to try and claim their yours? That's dick move.
  • Even with the watermarks left intact, it's a nice thing to give Soles of Silk credit in your posts. It doesn't hurt to say the site name, URL (, and/or the site's Twitter or Instagram (@SolesofSilk) account names depending on where you're posting those photos.
  • Leave the content in the members section be. If there is a certain image you really, really like, however, shoot me an email at I'm not an asshole and I'd probably tell you to go ahead.
  • When it comes to the video clips, I have two free ones on the site's Free Preview section. I also placed a few on the site's hardly-ever-updated Soles of Silk YouTube page. In all honesty, I created that page because others posted a handful of the site's clips for free and I wanted people to know their source. Please leave the video clips to the free ones on the preview page or ask me for permission for any of the others.

I thank you for taking the time to read and understand this. I am a very approachable person and appreciate all my fans and site members. Without you my site couldn't be online. But like with anything out there, a few bad apples can spoil the bunch. In this particular case it's hard for me to realize how my images were exactly being portrayed. All three images still featured my watermark and came from areas where I published them for free willingly. But for anyone reading this, please just keep my bullet points in mind should you decide you'd like to share some of the images from Soles of Silk - or any from any other site, photographer, or model for that matter.

This person who reposted Soles of Silk images must be a huge fan of Aspen.

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