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Wu's Feature History - Olivia (2014)

The following is an addition to a series of blogs that I did last year. The series takes a look at each and every Wu's Feet Links feature model gallery to date. From Carmen's Train Tracks set in 2005 to Aspen's Star Spangled Cutie in 2014, nine different Soles of Silk models represented the site in some of my best work. Now, in 2014, I am proud to announce that Olivia carries on the tradition by relaunching the Wu's Feet Links Feature Model section in the first feature set published since Wu's passing.

Olivia removes her heels before tending to her stockings.

2014 Feature: Back to Business

Model: Olivia
Shoe Size: 7.5
Set URL: (100 images)

Olivia's 2014 set marks the ninth time a set from Soles of Silk has been a Wu's Feet Links feature and is the 10th model to be featured. While each of those sets was memorable for their own reasons, this set carries an extra importance that none of the others have - relaunching the Wu's Feet Links Feature Model section.

Back in late 2013 Wu and I exchanged a few emails. He made mention that he had really liked Aspen's June feature set and asked me what month I'd like to do in 2014. I requested June once more. 

For the 2014 feature set Wu thought that Olivia would be the perfect Soles of Silk model to be featured. I agreed with him 100 percent and shared the news with her immediately after our conversation. Needless to say, Olivia was excited and honored.

Then came March. In March the updates on Wu's Feet Links ceased. In all the years Wu's had been online, no one could recall updates not appearing on a regular basis. At first we just figured Wu was on vacation, or tied up with life. The days then turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months - and still, no updates. By that time, we were all growing quite worried.

At this point I made mention to Olivia that her set might be put on hold for the time being. I wasn't sure what was going on and Wu wasn't responding to my emails.

"It's fine. Just keep me posted. I'll shoot it whenever," Olivia told me.

It wasn't until May that we learned that Wu, the man behind the greatest foot fetish site online, had passed away. The foot fetish community was left in mourning. We were also left wondering what would happen to his amazing site.

Luckily Phil and the BHE crew offered to step in and take over Wu's Feet Links. They already have the Links and Contributions sections back up and running. I have offered assistance in archiving all the interviews and columns on the site and placing them into new blogs so that they may be updated once more. But one section I was really wanting to see relaunched was the Feature Models. Now, more than ever, I wanted to shoot Olivia's set as an ode to a friend who had done so much for me and for Soles of Silk. I just had to wait for word from Phil.

"I'm not sure if BHE is going to relaunch the section," I told Olivia. "I still haven't heard from them one way or the other yet. Let's just schedule a shoot and do it anyhow."

"That works," Olivia replied.

With that we made plans to shoot at the end of June. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to shoot, but I always tried to do something different and top notch for Wu - that wasn't going to change. He was always receptive to my ideas for the sets and only asked certain things of me for Carmen's and the twins, Kellie's and Kimmie's, Football Fun set. Since then, he told me he looked forward to seeing what I came up with on my own. But what would I do this time?

As the days went by I came up with the idea to shoot something in Wu's hometown of Washington, D.C. I scouted out some interesting locations, but kept coming back to one called National Harbor. It's right downstream from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. 

The spot that caught my eye the most was a man made pond and waterfall combination in front of a very large hotel. It would provide both a scenic and urban look to the set at the same time. But what would Olivia wear?

At that point I remembered that I had bought various pairs of stockings and pantyhose to use whenever. I sent Olivia a photo of a pair of Cuban Heel thigh highs and asked her what she thought. She liked the look, but we had one concern - how many people would be out and about in that area? Doing a public thigh high stocking set would surely draw the stares of many.

As we continued to chat we decided it might work in our favor to get down there early - 7 a.m. early, as a matter of fact. And that's what we did. 

After the drive we found a parking spot and made our way over to the pond and falls. There was only one person in the general region, so I said we should get this set underway before out luck changed. 

Olivia pulled the Cuban Heel stockings up her legs and I loved how you could see the black stocking tops right through the bottom part of her dress. Next came the heels. Olivia slipped her smooth feet into her shiny black pumps and she looked great! She brought along her reading glasses and it just gave her a look that we haven't seen in any of her sets to date. Add in that this is the very first set I've ever shot with a model in Cuban Heel stockings and I was liking all of the elements we were putting into the shoot. Now it was just time to take the pictures.

Over the course of 100 pictures I tried to get Olivia's feet in all the various states: in heels/stockings, dangling, in stockings, with the stockings being pulled off, and of course, barefoot. We also managed to do this moving all around the pond and the falls. At one point she even dipped her bare feet into the water itself.

Once we wrapped up the set we shot a second one and then stopping for lunch (see blog: "Sunday's Shoot - Olivia"). While we were waiting for our food, Olivia and I looked through the photos on the camera.

"I really like these," I told her. "I didn't really think about it, but all the black attire worked out for two other reasons now that I'm thinking about it."

"What do you mean?" Olivia asked.

"Well, Wu's site has a black background, so it's something people associate with his site. And since he passed away, many times people wear black while in mourning, so I guess the black can represent that too," I said.

A couple of hours later I was now home and decided to send Phil an email. I included a sample shot from Olivia's shoot and told him I can have the set over to him whenever, if he thinks the feature section was going to be on his "to do list."

A couple of days later Phil responded, "Your offer about the feature set is gladly accepted and thank you! I'll use the prior posts as the template for your new feature set."

With that the Wu's Feet Links Feature Model section has been reborn. It's such an honor to have Olivia's set be the one to mark the relaunch. I'm also so very happy to see Wu's legacy living on, even without him. I know he would have wanted things to carry on. I just wish he could have gotten to see Olivia's set.

Olivia's soles on display in her Cuban Heel stockings.

This concludes the Wu's Feetlinks Feature History series for now. We'll have to wait another year to see which Soles of Silk model might be making an appearance in a 2015 feature set. Any suggestions? Who would you like to see? There are so many girls on the site who deserve a time to shine as Carmen, Kimmie, Kellie, MadisonCierraMindeeRyanKayleighAspen, and Olivia have. Only time will tell...

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  1. Always liked Olivia! And I also like the fact she is ticklish! I'd love to tickle her feet! Do you know if she likes being tickled, out of curiousity?